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Company Information was founded in 2003 by Kurt Wollenberg with a mission to enable recreationists to get the most enjoyment out of Wisconsin's seasonal outdoor activities. As a welder building fire-trucks Kurt recognized a need for high quality AMERICAN MADE products geared toward the avid outdoor enthusiast. As a chronic back-pain sufferer, Kurt developed the SLED SCOOT (our first product), to maximize the fun of snowmobiling by removing the hassle of dragging a heavy snow-packed snowmobile back to the garage at the end of the day. The SLED SCOOT makes every ride a joy and putting them away after, as easy as 1-2-3.

Developed out of a basic need, the heavy duty folding aluminum saw horse came to life when Kurt had a large manufacturing project come in that was a seasonal project and had a very short production lead time. After searching every home improvement center, large commercial supply house and the web for a strong yet portable saw horse he realized there was nothing available. The biggest issue was he did not have TIME to make anything because the production work needed to be done, nor did he have unlimited space to store bulky NON FOLDING saw horses. Long story short, we developed the saw horse.

As a true entrepreneur, Kurt's mind is always racing toward the unique custom engineered product or "re-engineering a better mousetrap." The entire team embraces that spirit as we continue to grow, develop and produce high quality unique products. In recent years, the company's philosophy has expanded beyond outdoor enthusiast products and now includes unique and functional tools such as heavy duty aluminum saw horses, aluminum picnic tables, aluminum park benches, aluminum mall benches, the sled scoot snowmobile dolly, trailer/garage shelves and accessories.

We'd love to help you fulfill your individual and specific custom product fabrication needs and invite enthusiasts/inventors with innovations and ideas to contact us at (920) 428-0252 to discuss how we can help.